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Hero Wod “John Williamson”

EMOM in 36 min

From 0:00-6:00, EMOM of
10 pull-ups/ring rows/bent over rows

From 6:00-12:00, EMOM of
5 squat cleans (155/105)

Or 10 reps of a lighter BB weight, DB or KB squat cleans

From 12:00-18:00, EMOM of
10 TTB/knees to elbow/Toes to KB

Or 20 v-ups

From  18:00-24:00, EMOM of
5 shoulder to overhead (155/105)

Or 10 reps of a lighter BB weight, DB or KB

From 24:00-30:00, EMOM of
10 hand release push-ups

From 30:00-36:00, EMOM of
5 overhead squats (155/105)

Or 10 reps of a lighter BB weight
Or 10 Front squats/BB/DB
Or 15 Goblet squats

-rest 3 min-

Core buy out:
3 rounds
20 Side crunches each side
30 Scissor kicks

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