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I was introduced to CrossFit while training for a triathlon. The idea of adding even more lifting to my program seemed unrealistic because my program at the time was 6 days of swimming, biking and running, and lifting if I had time. CrossFit was intimidating to me because the people around me were doing pull-ups and muscle ups, and lifting a lot more than I was. Meanwhile, I literally would freeze when I tried to jump up to a pull-up bar. CrossFit did not seem like a good match for me at first glance.

Fast forward a few months and I was introduced to CrossFit again when Amy Jo asked me (and a bunch of other awesome people) to join Canandaigua CrossFit for the Memorial Day Murph workout. It was much less intimidating going to the box when we were raising money for veterans and other first timers were there too. During the WOD, I worked outside and people were cheering for each other. After it was over, people celebrated each other’s improvements from the prior year. That, maybe more than anything else, helped me realize this is a community as much as a gym.

Since then CrossFit has taught me a few things:
I’ve got great coaches. Trust great coaches. A coach with knowledge and experience pushing you to leave your best on the floor always trumps a mirror or a magazine article.
No training program ever taught me mental toughness like a WOD. Sometimes I’m at the end of my rope, and I just want to stop all forward progression. WODs teach me how to find a little more reserve to power through. There’s always something left in reserve.
Learning about my weaknesses is equal parts humbling and empowering. Humbling for obvious reasons. Empowering because I have all the tools I need to get better. CrossFit is great at showing me what I need to improve.


CrossFit is not unrealistic anymore. When I’m training for something, I decrease the number of WODs I do as the intensity of the training program increases. CrossFit is not intimidating anymore. I’m inspired by all the athletic feats I see and hear about that seem truly unbelievable. I aspire to that greatness. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying hard to Be Better.

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