“That’s a HOT coffee POT~ Eminem”

Lift: De-load Bench 40%-50%-60%x5r (slow/pause) Wod: 15min amrap 2 Rope climbs / legless rope climbs (1-2) OH DB walking lunge to bikes (1DB) Ass. bike 15 cals OH DB walking lunge to bikes Into : Acc 100 banded pull aparts

“wow. nice bangs…”

Lift: E3OM (3min emom) x 5 rounds 3 snatch (increase wt each round) 12’ HSW / 1 wall walk 5 box jumps Wod: 20 min amrap With partner 100 cals afap Into: (solo) remaining time AMRAP DB snatch 30 Ttb x 20 Box step up overs x 30 (vest opt) Into acc: Dumbell reps 3sx12r

“It’s Morphin Time!!!”

Lift: Bench press 3sx10 40-60% into 3sx3r pause bench Wod: 15 min amrap 250 m Ski erg 25 wall ball 10 devils press 50/35 rest 1 min into: 4sx10-12r DB Rows

“Coexist Road Rage”

Lift: tempo back squats 5sx5r tempo (5-3-1) Wod: 10 min emom or 5rft Dips x 12/15 pushups Clean Complex* (155/105-135/95-95/65-G*?) Hang Power clean + clean + pJ + jerk Into: Ass End Annie 30-20-10 (Dus + sit ups) Into: 100 straight arm pull apart Star plank 3sx:30’sec each side

“More Ovaltine please”

Lift: 1 clean emom x 10min 5r@65% 5r@70% into: 3att @HS Wod: 15 min amrap 200 m run 7 D-bell toss 10 burpees Rest 60sec. Into:Acc. 3r of 5 strict/kip HSPU 12 bent over shoulder flys Core: Suitcase carry 3sx100’ each side

“Stay Crunchy”

Lift: 8 min emom clean 4mins@ 65% 4mins@ 75% INTO: 3 att @ HS Wod: teams of 3 (20min amrap) Power jerk x 15r 155/105-135/95-95/65 G*205/140 Box jump x 24r C2b Pull-ups x 15r Ass bike x 24/18cals —-Break up evenly Into:acc 100 banded side crunch off rig

“All your base are belong to us”

Lift: OTM Snatch (expwk1) 8min (4min @65% / 4min @70%) -or- work to max After 3 att. @ HS Wod: 15 min amrap 200 m run 15 OHS/FS (95/65 – 75/55) 10 Db power cleans (50/35) Into: Accessory 10 K-bell RDL 30 hanging knee raise 3rounds Core: Side planks 3sx:30’sec each side


AMRAP in 15 minutes 3 Wall Walks 12 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lb) 15 Box Jump Overs

“CNN is a collapsing star”

Lift: 10min to est HS BACK SQUAT INTO: 20rm back squat ( technique focuse ) WOD 1: 3 min amrap (50/35) Single arm DB thruster x5ea (10 tot: G:alt) Ski erg 150m 1 min WOD 2: 3 min amrap TTB x 7 ASS.Bike 7 cals 1 min rest Alt between Wod 1 and 2 after […]

“How bout dem Cowboys!!!”

Lift + Skill 12min Emom: CJx2 + 5C2b (cycle) EXP: into 15rx2s PCJ 95/65-115/75 (max 90 sec rest) WoD: 15min amrap HSW/wall walk x 25’ (scale: holds/BC50’) Step up x 30 (vest/medball) Double under x 50 Core buy out: suitcase carry 100′ each side x 3r