“I’m beginning to think I’m a meme god”

Lift: HS BENCH Drop to 60% x 1s ME Wod: 3rft Power cleans x 10 155/105-135/95-95/65 Squat x 50/30 Hspu x 10 (G* deficits) Into: Acc 100 straight arm pull aparts (red band) 100 tricep push downs (red/blue band) Core: Stir the pot: 3sx20 r

“Hunter Biden Vs. Charlie Sheen: Go”

Lift: 10 min to est HD clean and jerk into : 135/95 5pcJ + 30 sec rest x 6rounds ( speed ) WoD: 10 min Amrap 15 BFB Into: 3r of 10 Pull-ups 10 Deadlifts Into: 5 min to est: 3rm Thruster

“How do you like them apples”

W2c3 Lift:10 min HD BACK SQUAT >DROP SET: 3sx6rm Wod: 20 min cap 30/15 Muscle ups -or- 40 dips Into: 50/35 cals AFAP Ass.Bike Into: with remaining time Bear complex (x7) max weight Score is lbs moved (reps x wt) Core buy out: Side plank arm bar 3sx:30-1:00min hold (each side)

“Elephants don’t run, they speed walk”

Lift: 5 min emom (light wt for speed) 3 power snatch + 3 OHS (Wod wt) + 2MU/5c2b Into: 10 min to establish Heavy double snatch Wod:15 min amrap HPC + Fs + HPC + Fs + HPC + Fs + Jerk (1+1+2+2+3+3+1) work to max ^wt each round 500 m row Score is total […]

“Tom Cruise sprint in the woods high on mushrooms”

Lift: Bench 5sx4rm Drop to 70-90% 2sxME reps (rest 2-3min) Wod: 15 min emom 3 DL 3 Hang cleans (cycle) 3 C2B pull-ups (butterfly focus) 3 Burpees If cap – ME Cals (your weakness) Wt:155/105-135/95-95/65 *185/125 Core buy out: ME wt Turkish get ups

“Cereal is breakfast soup”

Lift: 5 min emom (light wt for speed) 5 power snatch + 3 OHS (Wod wt) + 2MU/5c2b Into: 10 min to establish Heavy double snatch Wod: 12 min to complete 5r * if you drop the bar : 5 hand release Burpee BJ x 10 Pc x 3 Fs x 5 Pj x 7 […]

“Puppy experiments“

Skill review: Kipping pull-ups Beat swing:3sx10 Vertical hallow: 3sx3r (2-3sec hold) Beat swing plus pull: 3sx5r Hip kip + k-swing: 3sx5+5 Kipping pull-ups!!!!!! Wod: 6rft Power snatch x 5 135/95-95/65-155/105 Wall ball x 15 HSW x 25’ Buy out challenge: Double squat wall ball