“The 90s: Tight leather and machine guns”

Lift: (Wk2/3) Push press 4sx5rm Drop set 2sx10rm strict press Wod: 20 min cap Buy in: 100 kettle bell swings Into: Ass bike + Pushups 20/18/16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 Buy out: Core: 60 sec palof hold each side x 3r Shoulder buyout: prone snow angles 3sx10

“48 Laws of power”

Wod: DT Pr or else Wod: 3 min run 5 min amrap ME Power snatch (75/55) 3 min skierg 5 min amrap ME wall ball 3 min row 5 min amrap Box step overs (d-ball / vest )


Wod: 400 m run into Cindy 1:2(work to work) However long run takes, work twice as long. Work till 30 min cap or 20 rounds of Cindy Buy out: Oscillating standing Russian twists (band + DB)

“Cardio is hardio”

Skill: Hand stand walk Balance focus Wod: 500 m row 2 Turkish get ups (1ea) 400 m row 4 TGU 300 m row 6 TGU 200 m row 8 TGU 500 m row Core buy out: 3r Hallow hold x 1:00min Good morning hold x 1:00min

“Illusory superiority”

Lift: Front squat 3sx5rm: wk2/3 +5-10lbs Drop set 80% 3sx3r 1 – 1/4 squat Wod: 30 min cap 3k-5k row Every 5 min: 1 bear complex 225/155-155/105-135/95 God:250/170

“Cooking bacon naked”

Wod: Assault bike x 50 cals Pull-ups x 50 Pushups x 100 2rounds : Break up any how Into: 200 walking lunges Core buy out: 2 min plank : bw x2-3s

“Nobody losses their s#*t like Gaston”

Murph mob: Perform reps anyhow 50 strict (100 ring rows) 100 pushups 200 squats Every 7 min : 400 m run 30 min cap (vest optional) Post Wod core: Annie 50/40/30/20/10 Double unders and sit ups


Lift: back squat 3sx10r (exp) 1st rep: 5 second eccentric + 9r T&G Drop set : 3sx3r pause squats 80-90% Wod: emom 12 min (DL: 405/275-315/215-225/155) Even min: 3 muscle ups Odd min: 1 Dl into Max cals ass bike Core buy out: Kick stand Dl 3sx12 (DBx2) Murph prep cardio: 1 mile run | […]