“Autobots, roll out!”

Wod: 50/35 F* Devils press k-swing 2x volume Devils press x 10 Wall ball x 20 Devils press x 8 Wall ball x 20 Devils press x 6 Wall ball x 20 Devils press x 4 Wall ball x 20 Devils press x 2 Wall ball x 20 Into: 10min amrap 250m ski erg 50’ […]

“New Year new skin cells”

Skill review: Dips/MU Scales: pushups/box/eccentrics Dips / ring Muscle eccentrics Muscle up / Dips 5sx3-5r Wod: As many round reps as possible 15 minutes (end on cardio): 1 Deadlift DB 1 power clean DB 1 thruster DB Add a rep to each movement each round Every 3 minutes 200 M cardio run/row/ski alt

“Say no to bad titles”

Lift: wk 1 Snatch complex x 5min emom PS + Snatch balance + Tall snatch + Snatch (+wt) Into: 3rm snatch Lift 2: 5sx3rm back squat Wod: 10 min emom 5 devils press 50/35 10 wall ball 30 double unders Core: L-sit :30 sec x 3s

“ Jerry Maguire: Once in a generation movie“

Lift: clean complex PC + HPC + Fs + clean (5min emom) Into: HS clean (ME) Into: 10min to est. 5sx5rm FS Wod: 10min amrap 10 cals assault bike 15 Bj 10 DB chest press (50/35) Acc buy: 100 crunches band Each side

“Good advice: Snap into a Slim Jim”

Lift: Jerk complex x5s wk2 Push press + push jerk + jerk (2+2+1) Pistol review Wod: 15 min amrap Single arm snatch x 20 alt Pistols x 10 el Shuttle run x 2 (DBDB) Core buy out: Hallow hold x 1:00min each side X3s

“Stop disappointing your ancestors”

Lift exp: Snatch complex x 5min emom PS + HPS + Snatch balance + Snatch (+wt) Into: 3rm snatch (7-10min cap) Lift 2: 3sx10rm back squat Wod: 5rft (10min cap) 10/7 cals ass.bike 10 db power cleans (50/35) 5 c2b pull-ups

“Shout out to cows for eating vegetables for me”

Lift: 3emom x 5min Complex: power clean + clean + FS + jerk 5-7 TTB cycling Kneeling jumps x5 After 3 attempts @ 3 cleans + 1 jerk Wod: 10 strict HSPU G* deficit 15 d-ball toss 20 walking lunges (50/35 x 2 DB) 3 rounds into: 3 min ME devils press Core: palof hold […]

“That’s a HOT coffee POT~ Eminem”

Lift: De-load Bench 40%-50%-60%x5r (slow/pause) Wod: 15min amrap 2 Rope climbs / legless rope climbs (1-2) OH DB walking lunge to bikes (1DB) Ass. bike 15 cals OH DB walking lunge to bikes Into : Acc 100 banded pull aparts