“Dopamine dealer”

Sprint chipper: 30 cals assault bike 3 wall walks 10 burpees to plate 3 wall walks 10 hspu 50 double unders Into:20 min to est. HS jerk or any lift Wod: 10 min emom Odd min : Cluster x5 135/95 Even min: ski erg x 10cals

“Say no to bad titles”

Lift: wk 1 Snatch complex x 5min emom PS + Snatch balance + Tall snatch + Snatch (+wt) Into: 3rm snatch Lift 2: 5sx3rm back squat Wod: 10 min emom 5 devils press 50/35 10 wall ball 30 double unders Core: L-sit :30 sec x 3s

“Bad advice: Follow your nose wherever it goes”

Lift: wk2 Snatch complex x 5min emom PS + HPS + Snatch balance + Snatch (+wt) Into: 3 pos snatch (10min cap) Lift 2: 3sx10rm back squat (+5-10#) Wod: 10min EMOM 3 deadlifts 225/155-185/125-275/185 5 BFB ME DUs rest of the time Core: 25 knee tucks x3s

“Yoga pants with no intention”

Lift: Back squat 40-50-60% x 5r each set Wod: 10 min emom 3 Power snatch 135/95-96/65-75/55 3 OHS 3 BFB Into: 7 min to est. HS Snatch Into acc: Ring l-sit/knee tuck 3sxME

“NARP repellent”

Back Squat Wk3 C4 90%+30# 75%x5 85%x3 95%x1+(ME)85%x3 75%x5+(ME) Wod: 10 min EMOM Assault bike x 7 cals Deadlift x 3 275/185-225/155-185/125 G*315/215 Bfbx 5 Accessory buy out: GHD sit ups on med ball 3sx20r


De-laod week: Skill review: kip / MU Kipping drill ( quick review ) Muscle up strength drills : TUT + Strict + Kipping Power Wod: Emom 19 min M1: 200 m run / ME cals ass bike M2: Each round rotate ME : Pull-ups – Pushups – Squats Core buy out: Hanging L-set 3sx:30sec +

“Nobody likes peeps. It’s clearly money laundering”

Lift: W1 C2 (90%+10#) 65%x5-75%x5-85%xME-75%x5-65%ME Beat ME reps from wk1 Wod: 15 min emom 1 round Cindy 1 pc (225/155-155/105-135/95-95/65) Into Acc: Raised toe RDL 3sx10r each leg Core: starfish planks 3sx:30’sec each side

“Milk is liquid meat?”

Lift: Wendler Back Squat 75%x5r 85%x3r 95%x1r+ (Max reps) Into:85%x3r 75%xMEr Wod:12 min emom Even Min: Max cals erg Odd Min: Dumbbell complex (50/35) Complex: 50/35 G* Deadlift x 1 Clean x2* Thurster x3* Devils press x4* Into: ACC: EXP strength through length kick stand RDL 3sx10r Core: plank 3sx1:00min