“Pro card LARPer”

Back Squat Wk2 C4 90%+30# 70%x3 80%x3 90%x3+(ME)80%x3 70%x3+(ME) Wod: 800m run (paced) 21-15-9 reps cleans (135/95lb) Ring dips Time is “Elizabeth” finish Accessory buy out: 10r Rdl / back extension on GHD 3s

“It’s pronounced bologna”

Back squat Wk1 C4 90%+30# 65%x5 75%x5 85%x5(ME) (75%x5 65%x5(ME)) Butter fly progressions 10 min Pvc pipe scoop to hallow Box arch (top) to hallow (bottom) Limited ROM butterfly Wod: Jackie (10min cap) 1000m row 50 Thrusters (45/35) 30 pull-ups Acc buy out: DB rdl 3sx15r (raised toe)

“I feel the need, the need for speed”

Lift: De-load DL 40%-50%-60%x5r full reset Wod: HOPE (fight gone bad style) 1 min each movement 1 min rest between rounds Burpees 75-lb. power snatches Box jumps, 24-inch box 75-pound thrusters Chest-to-bar pull-ups 3 rounds for max reps;

“I’m still alive”

Lift: 20rm back squat Wod: Annie w/row 50-40-30-20-10 Dus + sit ups Row 250m between rounds Skill: Opt1 5sx5r wtd pull-ups Opt2 5sx10r banded / Kipping practice Brute Wod: Seated box Jumps x 5 Strict dips x 10 Russian k-swing x 10 70/55 G*100/70

“The customer is always right”

Lift: Experiment wk (primer Wod) 10 min to establish HS Into: aprox 70-90% 10 RM back squat Time depending: 3sx3r Pause squat (80-90% of max) Wod:10 min amrap 15 wall balls 10 Alt single arm snatch (50/35) 5 BFB rest 1 min Into Grace: 30 PCJ 135/95-95/65 (G* only 3 breaks) core: Barbell rows 4sx10r

“Apple cider season ≈ Diarrhea season”

Lift: 20 rm back squat Wod: 20 mins to complete 3rft 400 m run 21 kettle bell swings 12 Pull-ups Remaining time: Complete as many rounds as possible: 3 deadlifts @ 315/315-225/155-155/05 10 cals assault bike

“Show me your papers”

WOD: Jackie 1,000 m row 50 Thrusters (45/35) 30 pull-ups rest 3 min into: 30 pull-ups 50 Thrusters (45/35) 1,000 m row Buy out: 2 min test re test

“Amyjoe’s idea”

Wod: Eva 5 rounds for time 800m run/row 30 kB swings (2/1.5pood) 30 pull-ups (tape your hands!) 35 min cap Buy out: Gymnastics recess