“Bikram Eating”

HS: Bench Press Wod: Jackie 1000m row 50 Thrusters 30 pull-ups Buy out: 2sxME TTB or Lovin buy out

“Ain’t no fuss when ur on the tuss”

Primer: 4r 10 Russian K-swings 5 seated box jumps 200m run (pace) Lift: 25min 1rm Back Squat Wod: Karen 150 wall balls for time Core: Single leg suitcase hold Alt side to side :30’sec x 4r

“It was too much ”

Wod1: 4 rounds 10cals ski erg 5 clusters 95/65-75/55-135/95 Lift: 15 min Hs snatch Wod2: Isabell (7 min cap) 30ps for time 135/95-95/65-75/55

“Green m&m’s”

Wod: Partner Linda: teams of 2-3 AKA “3 bars of death” 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift 1-1/2BW Bench press BW Clean 3/4BW Scaled options DL 225/155 BP 155/105 Cl 95/65


Lift: front squat + jerk (3+1) @75% + x 5s Skill review: Strict Muscle ups / strict pull-ups 3sx5r Wod: Heavy Kelly 3 Rounds For Time 400 meter Run 21 power cleans 115/75-75/55 G*135/95 12 Muscle ups / C2B / pull-ups Core: 3sx10r each side side plank single leg crunch

“Summer is over”

Lift:5s Pause front squats + split jerk (3+1) 70%+ Wod: Nancy (5rft) 400 meter Run 15 Overhead Squats (95/65 lb) Core: Plank 2:00min hold 3s

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