“Can’t look cool eating string cheese”

Lift: Hs PCJ (power clean and jerk) Wod: TABAT Cardio Lowest cals for each is score T1:echo T2:ski T3:erg 1 min rest between Tabatas Into: 5sx5r strict pull-ups 2sxME kipping / butterfly

“Wizard school was a bad investment”

Lift: Deadlift w3c3 75-85-95-85-75 5 3 1+ 3 5+ Wod: 5r (15min cap) R1:5 R2:4 R3:3 R4:2 R5:1 Wall walks 15 box jump overs 3 front squats (off rig) 185/125-135/95-95/65 G*225/155 Core: 3sx1:00min plank

“I ❤️ aspartame”

Lift: Bench press w3c3 75-85-95-85-75 5 3 1+ 3 5+ Wod: 20min amrap (score is pull-ups) 200m run 20 wall balls ME pull-ups (cap @ 100r kip / 50 strict) Core: Deadsets x 2 Banded face pull x ME Banded tri extension x ME

“Hero’s and Beero’s: 5:30PM!!!”

Murph stuff: 400m run 4min Me Cindy 400m run 4min Me Cindy 400m run Lift: Clean and jerk 3+3,2+2,2+1,1+1,1+1… Wod: 10 min emom 5pc and jerks 135/95-95/65-75/55 G*155/105

”Who’s line is it anyway”

Lift: Lift:Bench press Deload wendler 40-50-60-60-60% 5-5-5-5-5 (no plus) Skill review: kipping dips Wod: Mini JT / JT 9-7-5 G* 21-15-9 HSPU Ring Dips Push-Ups Core: Back extension + k-bell rows 3sx10r

“The original dog from Beethoven is coming to my birthday”

Lift: 5s x 3 Power snatch 60% Skill review: Kipping pull-ups Wod: 4 min emom: SAS + 5 pull-ups in one min -6 single arm snatch (alt) -5 kipping pull-ups / C2B G* strict Then: 2 min to complete 100 Dus 2 rounds (R1: 4min 2min R2: 4min 2min) Core: Side planks 3sx:30sec (each side)

“Big summer doesn’t want you to experience spring”

Primer: 5r 5 dips 10 Barbell rows 10 sec Hand stand hold Lift: BP / strict press 5-3-1(ME)-3-5(ME) 75-85-95-85-75% Wod:10r 5 strict pull-ups / 3 Ring Muscle ups 100’ Rack Carry (50/35 x 2) Rest 1:00min Into: Arm pump 2s bi and tri till failure

“Starting cigarettes hot turkey”

Skill Primer: 5r (10min cap) 5 dips / eccentric 2 Turkish get ups 10’clas erg (sprint) Lift: 15 min to est HS Bench Press Wod: 10rft 10 burpees 1 rope climb (G*legless) Core: Banded oblique crunches 2sx50r (2s each side) Band hooked to rig

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