“New York times best seller: Pocket constitution”

Lifts: pj + j (1+2) x 5s Drop set: 3×3 push press 50-60% Wod: score is cALS AND tIMe Assault bike x 1 min max effort 21 HSPU + BJ ASS BIKE 1 min 15 Hspu + box jumps Ass bike 1 min 9 HSPU + BJ Into: 10min to est Power snatch + Hang […]

“We gotta do it”

Wod: 20 min amrap (vest) 100 pull-ups 200 pushups 300 squats -Or- Cindy (vest) 5 pull-ups 10 pushups 15 squats After: Nicole’s 1 mile run After: Stretch!!! You have an hour so use it.


Lift: Pause squat + Squat (1+4)x3s work to Max (75-90%){+5%} Drop to 90% 1sxME REPS Wod: x5rounds Rope climbs x 1 Power snatch x 15 95/65 Into: 800 m run ….fast Core buy out: Jack knifes x 100/50

“Dying on live television”

Lift: Grettel (exp/twist) 3 rounds of: 3 clean and jerks 155/105-135/95-95/65 3 burpees over the bar Rest 45sec x 4 rounds Wod: 9-7-5 Muscle up + Thrusters ( AFAP ) Start , between rounds and finish w/400mrun Ply-out (like buy out but plyometric) 5sx3r kneeling jumps to box jump + wt

“The 90s: Tight leather and machine guns”

Lift: (Wk2/3) Push press 4sx5rm Drop set 2sx10rm strict press Wod: 20 min cap Buy in: 100 kettle bell swings Into: Ass bike + Pushups 20/18/16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 Buy out: Core: 60 sec palof hold each side x 3r Shoulder buyout: prone snow angles 3sx10

“Tara gave me the idea”

Wod: 50/35cals assault bike Into: 3rounds 10 deadlifts 225/155 10 burpee pull-ups Into 50/35cals assault bike Into: 3 rounds 10 deadlifts 225/155 5 burpee muscle ups

“Rip it off, or leave it?”

Skill: pistols -Candle stick -Distraction (banded box pistols) Wod: 12 min amrap 2 rope climbs 10 DB push press (50/35) 15 Step overs (single dumbell) Core buy out: Seated good mornings 3sx10r


Wod: 400 m run into Cindy 1:2(work to work) However long run takes, work twice as long. Work till 30 min cap or 20 rounds of Cindy Buy out: Oscillating standing Russian twists (band + DB)

“EA sports: It’s in the game”

SKILL: butterfly pull-up Wod: 9-6-3 snatches 155/105-135/85-95/65 burpee box jump overs 30/24 Into : 3-6-9 Clean Ttb Core buy out: Farmer carry 1min each side x 2rounds Spider man plank 50r

“The bane of the hyper achiever”

Lift: PP+PJ+J (1+2+3)RM (+5lbs) drop set 90%x5 jerks Wod primer: 7 min amrap Assault bike x 10 cals Kettle bell x 7 (55/35) Muscle up x 1 Lift: PP+PJ+J (1+2+3)RM (+5lbs) drop set 90%x5 jerks Into: 10 min to est. HS Snatched!!!! Core buy out: 3sx12r barbell sit ups