“You won’t do this at home. Come to the gym”

Bench Wk3 C4 90%+15-30# 75%x5 85%x3 95%x1+(ME)85%x3 75%x5+(ME) Wod: Revers Intervals (each round gets faster) 400m run 2 min rest 5rft (This is still CrossFit. It’s hard. Do it.) Accessory buy out: 100 ring rows

“The Cheesecake Factory doesn’t make esthetic sense”

Lift: 3emom x 5min Complex: power clean + clean + FS + jerk 5-7 TTB cycling Kneeling jumps x5 After 3 attempts @ 3 cleans + 1 jerk Wod: 5rft Max cal row in 60 sec 7 back squats 225/155-155/105-135/95 10 burpees to plate Rest 60sec Core: palof hold 1kin x 3s each side

“Scary high at a fancy dinner party”

Lift: pc + hang clean + fs + jerk 40-60% x 7s (G* can work to quality max) Wod: Reverse interval: Each round get faster / start slow 500m row 15 back squats 155/105-135/95-95/65 10 dips Rest 90 sec 4rft Acc buy out: Hallow holds 3sx1:00

“Tops: Because we don’t care what you think”

Lift: 3emom clean + 7hspu +5kneeling jumps X 5r Set 1,2 | 3 pos clean (speed focus) Set 3,4 | 2 pos clean (knee+floor) Set 5 clean After 5-7min for Hs Wod: Reverse interval x 6r 250 m row 7 burpee box jump overs 10 sas (50/35) Rest 1 min *start slow and get faster […]

“i CaNt wAiT to MaRry mY bEsT FriEnD”

Lift: 1 clean emom x 10min 5r@75% 5r@80% into: 3att @HS Wod:9-7-5 Muscle ups/C2b Hang cluster (135/85-95/65) Rest 2 min into: 100m run x10r (partner you go I go) Into: Acc: 3sx20+ reps knee tucks (active shoulders!!!)

“Lower back tattoo”

Lift: Wendler Back Squat (exp wk1) 70%x3r 80%x3r 90%x3r+ (Max reps) Into:80%x3r 70%xMEr Wod: TABATA R1 Ground to over head 95/65 1min ME: Dus (100r cap) R2 Ass bike ( no ghost ride ) 1min ME: Dus R3 Ground to over head Into: ACC 2 min ME stiff leg deadlift kettle bell Core: plank 3sx1:00min

“More Ovaltine please”

Lift: 1 clean emom x 10min 5r@65% 5r@70% into: 3att @HS Wod: 15 min amrap 200 m run 7 D-bell toss 10 burpees Rest 60sec. Into:Acc. 3r of 5 strict/kip HSPU 12 bent over shoulder flys Core: Suitcase carry 3sx100’ each side

“Joe Rogan is single handedly saving America”

Lift: HS CLEAN AND JERK *if already completed lift do missed lift Wod: 5rft 100m sprint 7 burpee BJO 100 single unders (steady state) Rest 30 sec Into: 7 min to complete 150’ HSW /300’ bear crawl If remaining time : ME TTB Core buy out: Banded good mornings (lean on wall) 100r