“You’re still running out of time”

Lift: HS FRONT SAUAT Drop set: 3sx3r @90% Wod: Tabata: dips + Medball cleans (every other) Into: 500 sprint AFAP (2min cap) REST 2 min 2rounds Bro-out:3r P1 Static hold good morning 60sec P2 triceps kick backs 20r

“Run gang”

Lift: HS PUSH PRESS Drop to 90% 3sx3r Wod: 100 m sprint 30 sec rest (or you go I go) 10 rounds Into: 10 min emom 1 clean and jerk @ 225/155-155/105-135/95 (God mode: work to max within emom) Core buy out: 5s P1 Dips x 10 P2 pallof hold

“Hate to say I told you so”

Lifts: pj + j (1+2) x 5s Drop set: 3×3 push press 50-60% Wod: 5rft Row 150m Burpee to plate x 10 (no stand) Rest 1 min Into: 7+ min Power clean + hang Clean + Fs (2+1+1) CORE/back: 3rounds 5 strict pull-ups 5 box jumps 10 single leg deadlift each leg


BBG: (unbroken) wk3/3 1 round DT (155/105) Rest: opt1 30 sec | opt2 30/45/30/45 Wod: 7-10rft (20min amrap) 200 m run 5 med ball tosses 80/50 6 lateral high jumps 5 back squats 225/155-185/135-135/95 Rest 60 sec

“Fartin on the floor”

Lift: back squat 3sx10r (wk3/3)+10lbs 1st rep: 5 second eccentric + 9r T&G Drop set : 3sx3r pause squats 80-90% Wod: 7rft (FFFAAASSSST) 10/7cal row 7 Dumbbell power cleans (50/35) 5 burpee box jump over Rest 1 min sec Core buy out: Kick stand Dl 3sx12 (DBx2) Murph prep cardio: 1 mile run vest | […]

“You’re always disappointing”

BBG: (unbroken) 1 round DT (155/105) Rest 1 min / 5r Wod: 5r 5 box jumps 30/24” 7 Dumbbell cleans 50/35 9 Dumbbell thrusters 50/35 30 Double unders (if break 3 burpees) Rest 90 Sec Core: DIY GHD

“Big glob of mayonnaise”

Lift: 5sx1r was strict pull-up / C2b pull-ups Drop set 3sx Me strict(no weight) or kip Wod: 7rfc 5 devil press (with pushups) 50/34 2 rope climb Mac cals erg in 12 pulls 90sec rest

“What’s your onesie?”

Lift: HS DEADLIFT (+2%) Drop set 3sx1r @ 90% Wod: 5 rft Row 250 m row AFAP (maintain pace each round) 5 Thrusters 135/95-95/65 (God: 155/105) Rest 90 sec Core buy out: banded bent over kettle bell rows 3sx10r

“What sound does a kangaroo make?”

Lift/skill: (wk1/3) Strict wtd pull-ups 5sx5r After last set 2s x ME Pullips (strict/kip) Wod: 3 min to complete (30min cap) 200 m run 1 rope climb ME Power cleans T&G 135/95 (God-185/125) Rest as needed: 5rfr