“Happy Birthday Gina!!!”

Wod: 15 min amrap 1 bear complex (+1 per round) 100m row (+50 per round) 2 burpees (+2 per round) Wt: 135/95-95/65-155/105 Into: Yoga for mobility

“Gave me cookie gave you cookie!!!”

Ankle: Mobility 1.Banded ankle mobilization 2.Goblet squat ankle mobility 3.Split squat-forward emphasis 4.Calf eccentrics Stabiltiy 1.Bosu balance in 1 leg partner 2.Squat jumps Hips: Mobility(test and retest) 1.Hip airplane (supported) 2.90/90 hip rotations 3.Banded distraction Stability 1.Single leg bridge(closed chain) 2.Side bridge clamshell Skill + primer Wod:10 min amrap 5 pistols (each leg) 10 kettle […]

“Fingernails are just hand decals”

Skill review mobility : Wod after Ankle -Band distraction (foot on plate band on rig) -Foam roll / smashing -Static bench stretch Hip -Banded distraction (3 way on rig) -Foam roll : glute adductor focus -Air plane Back -T spine twist (pvc pipe) -Foam roll with extension (t-spine) Shoulder -Banded distraction (3 way stretch on […]