“This sentence is false”

Lift: W3 C2 bench press 75%x5-85%x3-95%xME-85%x3-75%ME Beat ME reps from wk3 c1 Wod: Cindy full of Grace : 20 min cap 5 rounds Cindy (vest??) 10pc and jerks 3 rft Into Acc: 100 banded pull aparts

“Nobody likes peeps. It’s clearly money laundering”

Lift: W1 C2 (90%+10#) 65%x5-75%x5-85%xME-75%x5-65%ME Beat ME reps from wk1 Wod: 15 min emom 1 round Cindy 1 pc (225/155-155/105-135/95-95/65) Into Acc: Raised toe RDL 3sx10r each leg Core: starfish planks 3sx:30’sec each side

“You think you got a Prius but you’re driving a Tesla”

Lift: Wendler Bench press (exp wk1) 65%x5r 75%x5r 85%x5r+ (Max reps) Into:75%x5r 65%xMEr Wod: Start with 25 cals ass.bike Into:3rft 15 pull-ups G* c2b 7 power cleans 155/105-135/95-95/65 15 box jumps Finish with 25 cals ass.bike Into: ACC: 3r Behind neck tri extensions x 20 Barbell row/ring row 10r (wt) Core: Palof holds 3sx:30sec

“Ass moves mass” (New York accent)

Lift: 1 snatch emom x 10min 5r@65% 5r@70% into: 3att @HS Wod: 235/155-155/105-135/96-G*250/170 Wall ball 10-20-30-40 DEADLIFTS! 21-15-9-3 Into: 100 double unders Into 3r Acc1:Good mornings x 10r (control) Acc2: 40 straight arm pull-aparts Core: Russian twists x 100

“All your base are belong to us”

Lift: OTM Snatch (expwk1) 8min (4min @65% / 4min @70%) -or- work to max After 3 att. @ HS Wod: 15 min amrap 200 m run 15 OHS/FS (95/65 – 75/55) 10 Db power cleans (50/35) Into: Accessory 10 K-bell RDL 30 hanging knee raise 3rounds Core: Side planks 3sx:30’sec each side

“Do you even know how to gym?”

Lift: OH Complex PP+PJ+j (3+2+1) x 4s Cycling Optional Wod: 3000m Row Each 1000m perform High hang PC + hang PC + PC (1+2+3) Wt: 155/105-135/95-95/65 G*185/125 Core: Dealers choice

“Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams”

Lift: 10 min to est HD snatch into : 135/95-115/75-95/65 5 PS + 30 sec rest x 6rounds ( speed ) WoD: 5 cleans (155/105-135/95-95/65 G*225/155) Box jumps overs x20/12 Double unders x 50 Each round cut off 1 clean (5-4-3-2-1) Core buy out: P1 L-sit :10-:30’sec x 2 p2 static good mornings 1:00 x […]

“Come back”

Wod 1: 15-10-5 Box jumps 24/20 Deadlift 225/155 2 min rest Wod 2:9-7-5 Thrusters 135/95-95/65 Muscle ups / C2B pull-ups 2 min rest Wod 3: 10 min to work to MAX complex Hang clean + Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk Buyout: Hallow hold x 1 min Side plank x 1 min each side Plank […]

“Is anyone doing these?”

20 pull-ups 5 cleans 225/155-155/105-135/95 20 Ttb 5 jerks 2rft Into: 50 HSPU 50 kettle bell swings 50 sit ups