“It’s later than you think”

Primer Wod: 4 rounds for warm up (10min cap) 200m run 3Pc + 3Fs (build) 5bfb Into: 12min to est: 3rm clean Into: 3rft 5 cleans (T&G / build) 1 jerk ME pull-ups Rest 2 min

“I move snails. That’s the type of person I am”

Wod: 3rft 135/95-95/65-75/55 G*155/105) Row 500m HSPU x 15 (G* deficit / F* z-press) BJ x 15 Sn complex Ps+OHS (5+5) (F* SAS+Db squat) Into 15 min to est 3rm snatch Buy out: Gymnastics EMOM Kip + C2b + MU (2+2+2) x 7 min

“Joke hole”

Skill review: Pistols/sissy squats (knees over toes) Wod: 5rft Echo bike x 10 cals Pistols x 12 Power snatch x 15 75/55-45/55-G*95/65 Core: kettle bell banded suitcase carry GYMNASTICS: 5sx5r strict pull-up (wtd/C2b)

“You’ve all volunteered for Wod testing”

Lift: 10-13 min to est 2rm snatch Cycle Wod: 4 rounds/10 min cap 4r cycled Sn +5-10# from wk1 15’ HSW / 3 wall walks 200m run Wod: 7 MINUTE TIME CAP 40 Alt Pistol Squats/air squats m 30 Pullups 20 D Ball Over Shoulder (8o/5o) 10 Burpee Box Jump Over (3o/24) 5 Squat Snatch […]

“It’s not true… but it’s not, not true”

Wod: 2rft 15 OHS 95/65-75/55-G*135/95 7 muscle ups / C2B 30 Russian swings (70/25) 15 power snatches 14 C2B pull-ups / Pull-ups 3 min your choice cardio INTO: Bench 3sx10rm or DL cyclng ( explanation in class )

“Experiment: One more try”

Lift: 10 min to est 3rm snatch 3 min break Cycle Wod: 3 rounds/10 min cap 5 sn 70-80% of max for the day 15’ HSW / 3 wall walks 200m run Wod: 3rft 25 Thrusters 25 sit ups 25 k-swings

“Sugar is the real gateway drug“

Lift: pj + split jerk (1+2) x5s Into: 3sx3r strict press Wod: 5rft 15 OHS 95/65 6 bfb 25 kettle bell swings Rest 90sec Core buy out: Good mornings 3sx10r