“Award shows”

Wod: 15 min amrap 1 rope climb G*legless 4 pistols 4 HSPU G*strict 4 pistols 7 power cleans 115/75-135/95-185/125 Into: CJ complex (Power or Full) Deadlift + C + HC+ Jerk Gym-nasty + core: Banded strict MU 5sx3r / 3sx5 strict C2B Suitcase carry 100’ each arm

“Some of y’all have outties and it shows”

Skill review: Box jumps overs Wall walks Wod1: 5rft 10 box jump overs 3 wall walks 30 double unders 2 min test: any skill choice Wod2: 3rft 25 cals 15 ohs 95/65-75/55 25 bar facing burpees

“Feelin myself like I can’t find my keys”

Lift: W3 C2 Back squats 75%x5-85%x3-95%xME-85%x3-75%ME Beat ME reps from wk3 c1 Wod: 3rft Ring muscle ups x 5 / 7 pull-ups your scale Single arm snatch x 20 (alt) 50/35 Wall ball x 30 Into: 100/50 pushups Into Acc: Raised toe RDL 3sx10r each leg Banded face pulls x 100

“Upper decker”

Lift: Wendler Deadlift 75%x5r 85%x3r 95%x1r+ (Max reps) Into:85%x3r 75%xMEr Wod: 3 Rounds For Total Reps in 17 minutes 1 minute Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb) 1 minute Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55 lb) 1 minute Box Jumps (20 in) 1 minute Push Press (75/55 lb) 1 minute Row (calories) 1 minute Rest Core: Palof holds […]

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