“Fran chills the F out”

Wod: Fractured Fran 15 thrusters 95/65 G-115/85 15 pull-ups G:c2b 1 min rest 3rft Into: Yoga with Judy 20 min amrap Stretching for time

“When the milk hits”

Lift: Hs snatch Wod: 1. Air runner Shoulder taps 2. Bike Suitcase hold (55/35) 3. Ski Erg Step-ups 4. Erg Russian twists

“Wheezing laugh“

Lift: 15 min to establish HS SNATCH Drop to 90% 3sx1r Wod: 12 min amrap 50 single unders 25 step overs 4 Turkish get upset (2 each side) Core buy out: 10 min dealers choice stretch