“Tj Max: Fancy garage sale”

Lift: 3emom snatch + 12’ HSW + Seated bj5r X 5r Opt1: 3 pos snatch (speed focus) Opt2: 2 pos snatch (knee+floor) After 5-7min for Hs Wod: 14 min emom (even/odd) (form focus) Deadlift x 3r 315/215-225/155-G*405/305 MU / c2b x 3r/5r (Don’t rip) Buy out: 1:00 min plank 20 narrow stance goblet squats +wt

“Wet dog food smells good”

Lift: E3OM (every 3 min) x5r (15min) 1 cleans + 1 jerk work to max 5 strict HSPU / 5-7 kipping 5 kneeling jumps / seated box jumps Into 5 mins for HS Wod: (225/155-155/105-135/95) 4 min ME cals run 2 min to perform ME BS 4 min ME cals SKI erg 2 min to […]

“So who’s getting a Twitter account”

Lift: W2 C2 Bench press 70%x3-80%x3-90%xME-80%x3-70%ME Beat ME reps from wk2 Wod: 5rft Deadlift x 3 275/185-225/155 G*315/215 Muscle ups x 3/5c2b Step overs x 30 vest/ball Into: 7r of Cindy AFAP(8 min cap) Into: Acc: 100 banded pull parts 3sx20 tricep kick backs

“Nobody likes peeps. It’s clearly money laundering”

Lift: W1 C2 (90%+10#) 65%x5-75%x5-85%xME-75%x5-65%ME Beat ME reps from wk1 Wod: 15 min emom 1 round Cindy 1 pc (225/155-155/105-135/95-95/65) Into Acc: Raised toe RDL 3sx10r each leg Core: starfish planks 3sx:30’sec each side

“i CaNt wAiT to MaRry mY bEsT FriEnD”

Lift: 1 clean emom x 10min 5r@75% 5r@80% into: 3att @HS Wod:9-7-5 Muscle ups/C2b Hang cluster (135/85-95/65) Rest 2 min into: 100m run x10r (partner you go I go) Into: Acc: 3sx20+ reps knee tucks (active shoulders!!!)

“Sore muscles and cold porcelain”

Lift: Wendler Bench Press 75%x5r 85%x3r 95%x1r+ (Max reps) Into:85%x3r 75%xMEr Wod: 5rft 10 cals ass. bike 9 deadlifts 225/155 G*275/185 30 squats (air) Into: ACC: Raised heel lunges (deep ATG) 3sx10r Core: plank 3sx1:00min

“Ass moves mass” (New York accent)

Lift: 1 snatch emom x 10min 5r@65% 5r@70% into: 3att @HS Wod: 235/155-155/105-135/96-G*250/170 Wall ball 10-20-30-40 DEADLIFTS! 21-15-9-3 Into: 100 double unders Into 3r Acc1:Good mornings x 10r (control) Acc2: 40 straight arm pull-aparts Core: Russian twists x 100

“Birds are just Dinosours rebranded”

Lift: Wendler Back Squat (exp wk1) 65%x5r 75%x5r 85%x5r+ (Max reps) Into:75%x5r 65%xMEr Wod: 30 TTB 500m row 20 TTB 500m row 10 TTB 500m row Into: ACC 3sx20r Hamstring curls Core: WTD plank 3sx1:00min On foam roller

“MXC Championship”

Wod: 20 min cap 1 bear complex (135/95) 50 KB swings 2 Bear complex 40 Wall balls 3 Bear complex 30 D-ball over the shoulder toss 4 Bear complex 20 burpee box jump overs 5 Bear complex 10 muscle ups If finished before 20 min: 400m ski Erg or Erg or 800m Bike – your […]

“Weapons of ass destruction”

Lift: OH Complex PP+PJ+j (3+2+1) x 4s Cycling Optional Wod: 12 min Emom Even min: Deadlift x 3 (225/155-155/105 G*275/185) Burpee Box jump overs x 3 (G*30/24) Odd min: 25 wall ball Core: Dealers choice / 5 min mobility