“Remember Miss Cleo?”

Lift: Dl w1c3 (+5# wm) 65-75-85-75-65% 5 5 5+ 5 5+ Wod: Tabata 1-Cals echo bike Rest 2 min 2-Max distance HSW Rest 2 min 3-Cals erg Core: Opt1: Hollow hold 1:00mom x 3r Opt2: Hollow rock with partner 10rx3s

“Fight Milk”

Lift: Deadlift W3c4 75/85/95% (+drop sets) 5—-3—-1+ Wod: 20min cap Tabata Echo bike 400m run Tabata Ski erg 400m run Tabata Row 400m run Core + GYM: Dips + false grip ring pull-ups 5sx10r

“Bench Day!!!”

Wod: Tabata 1. Deadlifts + BFB Rest 2 min 2. BJO + wall walk Rest 2 min 3. Single arm snatch + pull-ups Rest 2 min Into 15 min to est: HS Bench press

“Never saw a cave painting of a salad”

Lift: 20 min to complete 5sx1rm Back squats 2sx6rm back squat (best week 3) Wod: Tabata x 3 rounds Power cleans Air squat Push press Air squats Push jerks Air squats Split jerks Air squats Rest 1 min Round 1 95/65 – 75/55 – 45/35 Round 2 135/95 – 95/65 – 75/55 Round 3 155/105 […]

“She’s a 10 but scoops her ketchup”

Lift: Jerk complex x5s wk2 Push press + push jerk + jerk (2+1+1) Wod: Tabata : 30 sec rear between tabatas T1: cals ski erg / D-ball toss T2: cals row erg / Knees to elbow (k2e) 2 rounds for reps Core buy out: Hallow hold x 1:00min each side X3s

“Lower back tattoo”

Lift: Wendler Back Squat (exp wk1) 70%x3r 80%x3r 90%x3r+ (Max reps) Into:80%x3r 70%xMEr Wod: TABATA R1 Ground to over head 95/65 1min ME: Dus (100r cap) R2 Ass bike ( no ghost ride ) 1min ME: Dus R3 Ground to over head Into: ACC 2 min ME stiff leg deadlift kettle bell Core: plank 3sx1:00min

“Eminem was right”

Lift: 5min emom (light for speed) Pc+clean+jerk + 5 hspu / 5 kipping deficit Into: 10 mins to est CLEAN + jerk (2+1) Buyout: 100 banded side crunches es Five Tabatas in 19 minutes Tabata Row Tabata Air Squats Tabata Ski erg Tabata Push-Ups 1 minute Rest between each Tabata Buyout: 100 banded side crunches […]

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