“Lower back tattoo”

Lift: Wendler Back Squat (exp wk1) 70%x3r 80%x3r 90%x3r+ (Max reps) Into:80%x3r 70%xMEr Wod: TABATA R1 Ground to over head 95/65 1min ME: Dus (100r cap) R2 Ass bike ( no ghost ride ) 1min ME: Dus R3 Ground to over head Into: ACC 2 min ME stiff leg deadlift kettle bell Core: plank 3sx1:00min

“Eminem was right”

Lift: 5min emom (light for speed) Pc+clean+jerk + 5 hspu / 5 kipping deficit Into: 10 mins to est CLEAN + jerk (2+1) Buyout: 100 banded side crunches es Five Tabatas in 19 minutes Tabata Row Tabata Air Squats Tabata Ski erg Tabata Push-Ups 1 minute Rest between each Tabata Buyout: 100 banded side crunches […]