Coaches Spotlight: Chelsea Pietrzykowski

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What is your philosophy towards being a coach? In your opinion, what makes a good coach?
Everything revolves around learning and improving, and being okay with the inevitability of feeling uncomfortable. I think that some of the best, most successful coaches take a holistic approach to supporting and building their athletes/members, not only by focusing on what happens in the gym but spending some time recognizing and supporting what goes on outside of the gym as well.

My three favorite quotes as applies to coaching/training/life are:

  • “Whatever you vividly imagine ardently desire and industriously work for shall
    inevitably be yours” – unknown
  • “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good” – Mike McKenna
  • “I don’t care how it feels, feeling is for poetry” – Mike McKenna

Where did you grow up/Where are you from?
I grew up in Canandaigua, NY!

Have you ever played any sports?
I played a few different sports growing up, but played Division III Volleyball in college.

What do you do for fun?
Lift, hike, make and try new foods, spend time with family.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Marine biologist!

If CrossFit didn’t exist, how would you pay the bills?
When I’m not at Canandaigua CrossFit, I’m either working at the local candy store or riding along with the Canandaigua Emergency Squad!

What I wish I figured out earlier is:
What other people can do doesn’t matter. Other people have different tools than you do.  What you can do within your own situation and within yourself is entirely different and exponentially more important.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside?
Hike the falls at Grimes Glen

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