CrossFit is a constantly varied, high intensity functional movement class. It’s a combination of gymnastics cardio and weightlifting performed in various combinations to give you the most effective, intense and fun workout.  The best way to truly understand this type of training is to try it.


Focus on your lifting technique for the classic lifts ( snatch / clean and jerk ). This class includes special instructions on how to improve your lifts from bar path, to elbow positioning, to proper hand position and more.  Using slow motion filming technology we can truly dial in your weightlifting game.  Being stronger makes everything easier. All athletes welcome.

30/30 FIT

The 30/30 Fit class is a combination of endurance and strength training.  Starting with 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio in our spinning room. We finish with high intensity interval training focused on basic functional movements using dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX and body weight exercises . This Boot Camp style class is sure give you what you need whether you’re a beginner, athlete, or veteran


A 60 min cardiovascular, butt-kicking workout on a stationary bike. Your ride is set to heart pumping music to push you through rolling hills, epic climbs, sprints, flat roads and more.  Torch calories and get the sweat of your life! Beginners to advanced riders welcome.


No water needed for this 30 minute rowing class. Learn proper technique through a series of drills on an indoor Concept II rower, so you can row longer, better and faster when it really counts.


Simple. For the athletes that wants to step it up to the next level, competitors programming offers more advanced lifting and WODs.  All you need to do is make the choice. Recommended for athletes with 6 months experience.


Kettle bells offer a multitude of fitness advantages. Through simple pieces of equipment you can improve strength, cardio, core stability and muscular endurance.  Add that to other functional movements and this 45 min class will give you everything you need to be better.  Good for any level athlete.


Form & Flow Yoga with an emphasis on the hips, spine and shoulders.  We believe in yoga to enhance and balance the modern life style.  This dynamic Iyengar based style yoga will challenge your body and mind.  Equal importance is placed on promoting mindfulness, working in proper alignment and increasing strength and flexibility.  You will leave each class moving better and feeling refreshed.  All levels are welcome.


A program designed to expose athletes (runners) to speed work as well touching on increasing explosiveness, leveling out imbalances in stride as well as lengthening stride (working legs unilaterally), building confidence in footing and overall stability and sled pulls/ pushes.  The purpose is to build overall power and increase your working threshold level.


Whether you are looking to improve your rowing technique to increase you power output during the WODs or if you are looking for a high intensity workout with little to no impact on your joints, this class is for you. Broken into two 30 minute segments the first half of class will focus on the erg (rower); fundamentals, technical tips mixed with plenty of aerobic work. The second half of class is a barbell free HIIT circuit. Stop in to this class to torch some calories, build your aerobic base, and get a total body workout.

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