“For all intensive purposes”

 In WODs

Anyone doing conjugate programming there is workout at bottom.

Primer: Ring rows + push ups + side plank crunches (10-7-10) 5 min amrap

Lift: Bench 5sx1rm

30’sec thrusters 95/65-75/55
30 sec rest
30 sec DU’s
30 sec rest

5 Rounds for reps

Core buy out: sarah knows the name I can’t remember.

Conjugate lift:
1rm Bench press 3 attempts @90%
4sx12r dumbell skull crushers
4sx12r tri kick back (dumbbell)
3sxME VUPS (unbroken)
Finisher : 100 tricep band pull downs
Seated rows: band 3sx20r (high pull to face)

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