Getting Off the Circle of Insanity

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I grew up in Naples. My dad made sure we were active outdoors every day. My mom exercised regularly and fed us real food. Being healthy was our norm, I didn’t have to worry about it. It just was. Then I became a wife at 18 and moved to North Dakota as an officer’s wife. No soccer practice, no skiing or hiking was built into my routine anymore. I attended college and went to the base gym. There were various pieces of exercise equipment and weights. Ummmm…what do I do with those?!

Someone showed me how to use the Nautilus equipment. I figured out how to use the Versa Climber and treadmill. I was on my own. There were step aerobic classes in the basketball gym. I flustered through those because it was different than exercising on my own without direction. We moved a lot. I had babies. I was out of shape and feeling overwhelmed.

Exercise was no longer in my life. It was boring and I didn’t know how to get back to it. So, I walked. Blah. It was difficult to feel like I was making any progress and I didn’t know how to feel strong again. I was on the circle of insanity. Get up, walk or do some kind of boring exercise, make meals, take care of my boys, go to bed. Get up…repeat.

The Circle of Insanity

In time, I found a gym that helped me build my strength. I had a lot to learn. Workouts were with a group of people and they were hard. It was great for a while. I needed a change but wanted to continue working hard and feeling stronger. I followed a trainer I loved as she began training at Canandaigua Crossfit. I hesitated because it was a CrossFit gym. I heard so many negatives about those. People told me I’d get hurt, that there are few modification for the injuries I was dealing with, and it went on and on. None of those people had ever entered a CrossFit gym. So, I did.

My intention was to only take the spin/strength training and kettlebell classes the trainer I followed was teaching. Stefan, the lead CrossFit trainer, told me that I would be doing CrossFit as well. He had me take the three required foundations classes. I was scared, nervous, and felt like I could never hang with these people and all their muscles and speed.

It was awesome! I would sweat so much and the challenges came in waves. It hasn’t stopped. Modifications are easily given in a way that makes the WOD (Workout Of the Day) possible but still challenging. I workout with people whose muscles have muscles. I workout with others who are collecting retirement. They are fantastic and encouraging.

I am off that circle of insanity. Never am I bored or lost in trying to figure out how to get better. The trainers are so aware and offer inspiration, encouragement and challenges. I sometimes look at a workout I’m about to do and think, “Oh, Hell no!” Then I do it. The rest of the day I have a ridiculous smile of my face.

My boys are active and want me to join them. I do! I can! They are 17 and 18. We hiked the second highest peak in NY state last summer. I plan on many more of these adventures in my future. I’m participating in life and I’m never bored. My husband thinks I look pretty good, too!

Will I be entering a CrossFit competition? I don’t plan on it. My intention is to stay strong enough to continue living life to the fullest. My CrossFit friends will help me to stay inspired. My trainers will keep challenging me. The workouts will always vary. Sanity will prevail!

  • Ann

    Way to Go, Ruth!👍We all have experienced that same crossfit high.

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