“Kernel Sanders”

 In WODs

(Reminder: conjugate lift on bottom)

Primer: pvc thruster + lunge + push-up down dog(10+10+10) 3 rounds or 5 min

Lift: Power jerk + jerk (1+2)
Start @70% of max jerk

Min 0:00-2:00
Max effort wall ball

Min 2:00-4:00
Max effort power snatch 75/55

Min 4:00-6:00
Max effort TTB

Rest one minute then reapeat one more tim

Conjugate lift:
Box squat: 12sx2r @65% 30sec rest between sets (speed focuse)
Deadlifts: 9sx1r banded (attached to bar)@40% 30 sec rest between sets
Good mornings 2sets x 1 min hold
Seated box jumps 4sx5r (+ weight if able)
Core: 3 min max effort Russian twist

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