Mindset: Get Back On The Bar

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Mindset…it’s all in what we tell ourselves, right?  After all, if we believe we can, we will accomplish our goals.  With that last push to increase a lift or push yourself beyond the hurt in a WOD, success is attainable.  Be better, start now, right?

For many of us, CrossFit ranks among many of the other priorities in our life.  It’s hard not to get hooked and want to be good at it.  Working hard to make our bodies stronger and better is something we all do, and that element of competition, whether with others or just ourselves, gives us that push to be stronger, faster and just better.

As one of the smaller folk in the gym, I am continually amazed at those who can lift large amounts of weight or seem to possess endless endurance to blow through WODs.  You know those people who can knock out fifty burpees like it’s nothing or row 1000 meters in no time and don’t gasp for breath?  So often times I feel like I’ve hit the reverse button.  There have been a few WOD’s where I have just wanted to quit or say WTHeck!  I do remember one 5:30 a.m. WOD where I looked at Travis and wanted to cry.  Terrible mindset that day from the get go!!  Some people are just so darn fast and strong and it’s nothing for them to kill 30 wall balls and immediately pick up the bar to knock out thrusters!  Just the thought of that makes me want to crash and burn OR know that I will.   But isn’t that what CrossFit is all about?  Isn’t that why we all get hooked?  Push yourself to the limit and beyond; without the push you won’t see growth.  When I feel like I want to quit, I hear Sarah say, “Push through the suck” or Stefan scream, “Pick up the bar”.  Okay…

Some days our mindset is strong and focused and we tell ourselves, “I’ve got this”, but other days we might doubt ourselves or feel defeated.  Many times I’ve walked up to the bar with, “Can I really do this?” and…. “you got it”, I fail.  MINDSET Yeah, I know that feeling quite well.  What a difference it makes to tell myself, “ I am going to do this.  Pick up the bar and go.”   Positive mindset and my coach’s words echoing in my ears, “Just do it; count to 5 and go” is what I need to remember each time I lift the bar or keep moving during a WOD when it feels so bad (I mean goodJ).

Positive mindset…so powerful!

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  • Ruthanne Trzeciak English

    Yes! Where we put our mind is where we set ourselves up for success or failure physically. I love the support from the coaches and comrades at our gym! Great article from my small but mighty friend!

  • Lisa

    You’re so right Amy! As teachers, it’s great for us to go through this process so we can better understand our students’ challenges and encourage their positive mindset!

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