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 In WODs

10am Facebook Live
Or Zoom ID 865-8402-7468

Warmup: 4x
30Seconds jump rope
10 banded shoulder openers
20 glute bridges
30 sec banded tall plank

Strength-5 rep max Deadlift (15 min)
Or other options:
5×10 Tempo Deadlifts- down 3 up 1
5×10-15 banded kB deadlift
5×10/10 single leg deadlift bb/db/Kb

WOD-15 min AMRAP
20 med ball cleans or kB/dB pull-catch to squat
10 shoulder to overhead 95/65, 75/55 (10/10 single arm option)
200 m run/row/1 min cardio

Core Buyout: 3 rounds
10/10 Band resisted bird dog
20/20 Pallof press
30 single leg vups

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