“26 Again”
-All reps split evenly.
-Core done together
26 cleans
100 hspu
1 min plank together
*1 min rest
26 hang snatch
100 pull-ups
1 min hollow hold together
*1 min rest
26 Front squats
100 box jumps
1 min partner sit-ups
*Rest 1 min
1 min Russian twist
1 min R side plank
1 min L side plank
100 flutter kicks

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“Poland spring”

Lift: Power Clean + FS + power jerk (3+3+3)
Start at 60%-work on speed increase on feel
5 sets

Wod: Tabata
Full tabata each movement – lowest count is score.

1. Assault bike cals
2. Power Snatch
3. Hspu/pu

Buy out: single leg dl (barbell)+ Russian twist -5el+20r.

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6 rounds each partner must complete a round before they switch
P1 rowing
55/35 45/25
P2 15 DB thrusters
15 KB swings
15 V ups

Rest 1 minute

4 rounds
Can switch whenever but must do all 4 rounds
P1 row
P2 30 box jumps
30 sit ups
Rest 1 minute

3 rounds
Each partner rows 3 times
P1 row
P2 25 air squats
100 m run
10 Burpees

must start from the top if after last workout you haven’t gotten to 5000.
If you get to 5000 before the work is done score is meters rowed that exceed 5000 at time of work completion

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