“The Butterfly Effect”

Remember Sunday will be a 2 hour Q and A every week. (AMA = ask me anything)

Opt1: power snatch + ohs (3+3) x5s
Opt2: 3 position Full snatch 5s (A-B-C)

400/200m run
ME pull-ups / Ring rows (Need a door and 1-2 Towels)

Wild card core: ?!?!?

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“Resident Evil”

I’m gonna try to stream both zoom and Facebook live from my laptop see if that works.

Lift: pc + fs + pj (3+3+3) x5 sets
Increase from last week

100 front rack lunges (45/35) can add weight
Every min
15 pushups

If extend over 15 min: finish lunges

Core buy out:
3sx1:00 min plank jax

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“Here kitty kitty”

Lift: 10rm back squat or 5sx10 Tempo back squats temp :3-3-0

10 single arm KB clean to reverse lunge (ea)
25 double arm KB rows bent-over(single arm opt)
10 single arm snusters (ea)
(I know it’s weird sas + thrister)
Rest 1 min

Core buy out: 1:00min plank jax x3s

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Quarantined Liberty Games (zoom: 899-646-4841)
Teams of 2. Running clock
(Wod 1&2)
One partner works at a time. Switch out whenever. Keep a running total of reps. Score is total reps from both partners.
0-4 :ANY squat cleans! BB/DB/kB/MB
4-8: Shoulder to OH  BB/DB/kB
8-10: rest
10-25: AMRAP
One partner working at a time. Switch whenever. Complete all reps before moving on. Run together.
40 Hand release pushups
80 Deadlift: BB/Kb/DB
200 Double unders(mtn climbers)
400 m run together with any weight: mb,dB,vest

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Id Like to do some basic mobility after wod tomorrow bc it’s not too intense. Chill with me bros.

Lift: power snatch + OHS + 3 positions hang snatch (3 + 1 + 3pos) x5 s

Wod: (recovery day)
1 Turkish get up (each arm)
25 sit ups
2 Turkish get ups (ea)
25 sits ups
3 Turkish get ups (ea)
25 Sit ups
4 Turkish get ups (ea)
25 sit ups

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So still gonna Facebook live every day but starting tomorrow zoom as well. I will start the meeting @ 3:25 each day (maybe sooner) download zoom or go to .
(code to enter: 472-525-4223)
If you have questions please call.

Lift: 10rm Deadlift (tempo of low weight)
Tempo 5-0-1

10 squats
50 dus
20 squats
50 dus
30 squats
50 dus
40 squats
50 dus
50 Squats
50 dus
60 squats
50 dus
70 Squats
50 dus

After : 50 death march or 100 sumo deadlifts

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Is zoom so thing you guys prefer rather than Facebook live? Also thinking for lifting portion to start at 3:30 for those of you how have weights. Even if you don’t barbell practice.

Primer: Hip mobility + shoulder

Lift: power clean + front squat (slow) + jerk
(3+3+3) 1 complex every 90s x 5s
(Scale reps to weight you have )

Heavy option:
Power clean + fs + jerk (1+1+1) x5 attempts at heavy single

Wod: Terrieanna did it.
1 mile run or 7 min ME your choice cardio
100 burpees or pushups (scale as needed)
1 mile run
25 min cap

Core buy out:
5sx10r TTB OR 5sx15r VUPS

Be better. Start now. Don’t fuck off.

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