Primer: mobility
Eccentric lat stretch x 5r
Lat Foam rolling
Lat opener (pvc+box) x10r

Lift (Deload):
5 power snatch + 3 ohs (95/65)
Every min x 5 min

7 burpee pull-ups
3 power clean (225/155-155/105-95/65)
15 min amrap or 10r

Lift: 15 min to work to max bench press

Wod: 20 min cap or 5r
1:00 min max deadlifts:full reset-225/155
1:00 min max sand bag carry (25’ laps)
Rest as needed between sets

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“Happy birthday Renae!!!”

Lift (Deload): 3sx3r tempo squat (3-3-3)
@30-50% (focuse on position and tension)

For Time
Deadlifts (205/145 lb)
Step overs with wtd vest (each leg)

Banded kettle bell Barbell press 5sx5r (light)
Close grip bench press 4sx10r
Sphinx pushups 4sx10r

Core:5sx:30’sec bird dog hold
Shoulder: 3sx10 banded pullaparts (10sec hope)

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Lift (de-load) Bear complex 135/95-95/65
Power clean
front squat
Split jerk
Back squat
Split jerk
1 complex every min x 7r

Row 50 cals
Push press 40r 115/75
Burpees x 30r
Lunges x 20r 115/75
Strict pull-ups x 10r

Tempo back squats 5sx3r (light form focus)
Suit case deadlifts 3sx10r each side
(kettle bell)
Pause goblet squats 3sx10r (glutes active)

Core: good morning 3sx10r
Shoulder: 3sx30 banded pull aparts

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“The Hopper”

Primer: 5 min your choice cardio / mobility
Into: 3r
Banded floor bridge 5sx5s
Tempo Turkish gets ups (5 count hold each position 1 each arm)
Side blank + bird dog 10 sec hold each position

30 pc and jerks for time

Seated box jump to depth jump
10sx1 complex

Wod: 7r – 10r (20 min cap)
3 deadlift (315/215 – 225/155)
5 bar facing burpees
7 Dumbell jumps (dumbbells @ side)
Rest 1 min

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“Das big chipper”

Split reps evenly partner not working holds a heavy plate (brute style not to touch legs)
100 Power cleans
200 M run
90 DU
200 M run
80 box jumps
200 M run
70 hang power snatch
200 M run
60 pull ups
200 M run
50 thrusters
200 M run
40 KB swing
200 M run
30 pistols
200 M run
20 OHS
200 M run
10 strict HSPU
200 M run

Run together.

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“Puppets are just organic robots”

Lift: front squat + jerk (3+1) @70% of fs
(Same weight) 15 min cap

Wod:18 mins for quality
30 Double unders
10 pull-ups
5 power cleans (185/135-135/95-95/65)

Deadlift 5rm
3sx7r touch and go Dl drop set
Wtd back extensions 3sx10r
Walking lunges 3sx20r (barbell-heavy)

Core buy out:
100 side crunch band on rig

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“Comically useless super powers”

Liqft: Hang power snatch + snatch + OHS (1+2+1)x5s
Start @70% increase on feel (1 complex every 2 min)

Wod: 135:95-95:65-75:55 (scale: front squats)
250 m row
21 ohs
500 m row
15 ohs
1000 m row
9 ohs

Strong man Wod:
15 min to Work on speed deadlifts
5 banded + 5 unbanded
Into : 5r
5 tire flip
3 ground to over head keg/log

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“👍🏼 Or 👎🏼“

Lift: Back squats x 5r + 5 seated box jumps x 5s @70% 15 min cap (focus on landing as vertical as possible)

WOD: 7rft
100m run
7 HPC (135/95-95/65)

5sx5rm push press
Seated lay pull 5sx15r
Tri Dumbell skull crushers 5sx10r

Buy out : 500 m rear delt ski erg -or- rear delt flys

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“Flat Earth theory”

Lift: wk3
power cleans+clean+Fs+jerk (1+2+1+1)2min x5s @70% Increase on feel (1 set every 2 min)

Wod: 10rft
Dips x 5 (games strict)
Pistols x 10 (5el)
Single arm snatch x 10 (5ea) {50/45}

Box squat x 5rm )increase all weights from last week)
Narrow stance box squat drop set 5sx4rm
Barbell step up 3sx10r each leg
RDL 3sx10r

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