The Ambassadors

P1 200 m run
P2 me box jumps
Then together 1 minute me burpees for Rob

Rest 1 minute

P1 50 sit ups
P2 me air squats
1 minute me burpees for Sara

Rest 1 minute

P1 30 deadlifts 135/95
P2 me dips
1 minute me burpees for Jay

rest 1 minute
P1 200 m run
P2 rounds of
5 box jumps
10 air squats
Me burpees for Matt

Rest 1 minute

P1 15 oh lunges 45/35
P2 handstand hold
I minute me burpees for

Rest I minute

P1 15 back squates 135/95
P2 me pull ups
I minute me burpees for Jeff

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“Lo-fi beats”

Primer:muscle snatch + ohs + snatch balance (3+3+3) bar x3 sets

Lift: Power Snatch + 2 ohs (2+2) start @70%
15 min for HS

Back squat x 30 135/95-95/65
Dips/pushups x 25
Ttb x 20
Run x 200m
Rest 2 min
3 sets ME PULL-UPS (10r minimum)

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“If your rope broke, you’re a sad bloke”

Skill : hand Stand walk 5sx30” or 5sx5-10 hspu- 8 min cap.

Lift: Power Clean + fs + pj (2+2+2)
Start @ 70% 15 min for max

P1-1000m row
P2-Max effort cals bike while p1 rows
-switch when 1000 m done(both partners row)

Right into
P1-800 m run
P2-10 kettle bell swings + 10 burpees box jump over.
-switch after run-

Score is wod1-Cals wod2-rounds

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Lift primer: Segment pause squats
(Quarter / half / fulls) 5sx3r

Lift : 70%x5, 75%x3, 80%x2, 80%xME

WoM: 10 min amrap
2 Muscle ups (ring)/4 c2b pull-ups
5 Ground to shoulder (155/105-135/95-95/65)

Rest 2 min

3 min max effort double under

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“Josh Burden”

7 minutes of max effort Doubleunders when P1 breaks P2 goes
*after each partner has broken once both must do 10 burpees
2 minute rest

15 minute Amrap
100 calories on the erg
100 cleans 135/95 95/65 75/55
100 pushpress 135/95 95/65 75/55
Can be broken up anyhow both partners can work at the same time. When you finish the last rep start at the top.
Rest 2 minutes

6 minute Tabata style
30 sec on 30 sec off
2 minute of manmakers
2 minute of Sit ups
2 minute Air squats

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