“Chocolate chip pancakes”

Skill review: Hand stand walk/HSPU
Drill 1: plate March
Drill 2: free stand
Drill 3: …walk

50 power cleans for time
185/125-135/95-95/65 G-225/155

Box squat: 3 attemps @ 90%+
Drop set: 3r x 3s @ 90% of HS
4sx10rm conventional deadlift
Single leg deadlift 4sx5r
Single leg GHD : 10r each leg x4s +wt

Core: banded blanks 3sxMax
Finisher: 1min max effort squats rest 30 sec x3 sets 135/95-95/65

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Aka: Becca and Tom turned 40, so let’s lift 40,000 pounds!

Teams of Four

26 Minutes

Each Team member must complete 5 rounds on the erg.

P1 and P2 Row 250M each. When partner is not rowing they are planking next to erg.

P3 and P4 Are doing 10 synchro burpee box jumps with high five at top(2boxes) and 10 medball sit-up’s with pass. Repeat until P1 and P2 tap you out.

Into completing 40,000 lbs or  8 minutes max

Deadlift, 4 reps each, in turn (P1 then P2 then P3 then P4, repeat)

Weight is lifter’s choice.

Two bars set up per team, but only one team member can deadlift at a time.

Score is team’s total deadlift weight when time runs out.

Goal is 40,000 pounds.

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Workout 19.5

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes


Row 500 between each set

Bench + chains 9sx3 reps @50% -30 sec rest between sets
5sx10r incline chest press
5sx10r banded rows (explosive)
5sx15 r behind the head tricep extensions

30/20 strict hspu

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“Dip. Drive. Dip.”

Primer: 50 single unders + 5 single arm dumbell press each arm x 4 rounds

Lift: Split jerk 2rm x 10s

Group 1
Assault bike x 3 min ME CALS

Pull-ups x 2 min ME Reps

Back squat x 1 min ME reps

Rest as needed between sets : must complete 2 rounds.

-Box squat:12sx2r 30 sec rest
Opt2 70%
-Deadlifts 9sx1r @45% + bands
-Seated jumps to box jumps (I’ll show you)
5sx5r good morning (heavy)
Core 3sx1min max weight plank

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“You can’t spell Am”Eric”a without….”

Primer: 7 burpees to plate + 100 m run
4 rounds for warm up

Lift: bench press 10sx1rm

150 wall ball
Every 25 reps:
15 kettle bell swings

After 10 min to establish 1rm clean and jerk (anyhow : power/full)

25 min cap

Floor bench press work to 1 rm (2-5min between sets) after 90% for 3sx2r
Rig skull crushers 4sx10r
Banded kick backs 4sx10r each arm
Land mine row 4sx10r each arm
Finisher- 3min max effort banded push ups

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“It’s for your own good”

Primer: Pull-ups + lunge twist + kettle bell swing (5+10+10) 5 min amrap

Lift: snatch + ohs (1+2)
Start @ 80%

5k row

Conjugate lift:
1rm sumo deadlift 2-5min Rey between sets
Box squat: 5rm x5s 1min rest between sets
Seated good mornings 4sx10r + band
Dumbbell back extensions 4sx10r
Core: 4sx10-15r revers crunch
Finisher: seated leg extensions-kettle bell

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Lucky number 3
Teams of 3, break up reps evenly. One partner works at a time but entire team runs together.
90 of everything:
Kb cleans
Box jumps
Pushpress 135/95-95/65
-400 m run
Wall ball
Cleans 135/95-95/65
-400 m run
Db Single arm snatch 50/35
-400 m run

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For total time:
3 rounds of:
10 snatches/power snatches
12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups/10 pull-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes

Conjugate lift:
Bench press 9sx3r at 50% 30’sec rest between sets (speed focus)
Incline Dumbell chest press 4sx8-12
Sphinx Pushups 4sx10 (+wt)
Core : 3 sets ME STRICT TTB
Finisher: 100 ring rows

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“Kernel Sanders”

(Reminder: conjugate lift on bottom)

Primer: pvc thruster + lunge + push-up down dog(10+10+10) 3 rounds or 5 min

Lift: Power jerk + jerk (1+2)
Start @70% of max jerk

Min 0:00-2:00
Max effort wall ball

Min 2:00-4:00
Max effort power snatch 75/55

Min 4:00-6:00
Max effort TTB

Rest one minute then reapeat one more tim

Conjugate lift:
Box squat: 12sx2r @65% 30sec rest between sets (speed focuse)
Deadlifts: 9sx1r banded (attached to bar)@40% 30 sec rest between sets
Good mornings 2sets x 1 min hold
Seated box jumps 4sx5r (+ weight if able)
Core: 3 min max effort Russian twist

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