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Canandaigua CrossFit is Canandaigua, New York’s first CrossFit affiliate.  We are located in the old Wegman’s plaza where we have access to scenic running routes and the beautiful Canandaigua Lake which we often incorporate into our workouts.  Our coaching staff is highly qualified and committed to helping you be the best version of yourself, whether through personal training or our exciting group classes.
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“It’ll put hair on your chest”

Lift: 20rm back squats

Wod: 350/240-315/215-255/185-225/155(G-405/305)
1 deadlift
25’ HSW
2 deadlifts
25’ HSW
3 deadlifts
25’ HSW
4 deadlifts
25’ HSW
5 deadlifts
24’ HSW
3 sets ME PULL-UPS (minimum 10)
Between each set rest 1 min

Buy out:
30 sec each no drop
Plank /side plank /plank / side plank x 3r

More than just CrossFit

CrossFit is not for everyone, but fitness is.  We offer a full range of classes in addition to CrossFit, including Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Strongman and more.  Regardless of your fitness goals, we have a program for you.

Looking for Personal Training? We do that too.

Youth Programs

We offer a number of different youth programs that will put your child on the path towards health and fitness.  Coached by certified, high-energy coaches, our youth programs are designed to teach your child about the importance of fitness in a fun and safe setting!  All of our youth programs welcome any level of current fitness, and bussing is available in the Canandaigua School District!