Workout of the Day

“Happy Birthday Jeff!!!”

Lift: 15 min to work to max Hang snatch+ snatch
Drop to 85-90% (7 min emom)

Wod: Fractured Fran (any how)
45 Thrusters 115/85-95/65
45 C2B pull-ups / pull-ups
(If break movement must preform 25 double unders)

“The most important piece is the tittle”

Lift: 10rm back squat (3 att: +10lbs from last wk) 15 min cap

Wod: 6 mins amrap
Ass. bike 10/7 cals
10-8-6-4-2 power clean + jerks (135/95-95/65)

Rest 2 min

Wod pt2:6 Mins to amrap
5 burpees (and between each set)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 : Alt SAS (tot)

“The Hopper”

10 min emom
3 back squats (%TBD)
5 box jumps (max height)

100 m row
5 devil press (50/35)
1 Deadlift (315/215)
Rest 1 min

“More teeth”

25 min AMRAP

P1: DL hold 155/105-105/95-95/65
P2: Run 200 M ..switch..
75 DL split evenly

P1: Front rack hold
P2: 200 M run..switch..
75 FS split evenly

P1: OH DB hold
P2: 200 M run … switch…
75 SAS DB 50/35 or something less Split evenly



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